Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Tiniest little festival with the biggest heart

Paul Felten & Michelle Maxson in They Are Bad People, this week at the Ontological.

AWWWWW--isn't it cute?

Actually, very little (yep, I just did that) is cute about this festival. The six shows we have lined up at the Ontological this weekend (added to the other six at The Brick) are, between them, filled with sex, murder, a real pig's head (without the body--where are we?), and even Bill O'Reilly. It's not so much cute as it is scary.

All in all, a very adult festival. Maybe we should call it the Hell Festival. No, they already did that. The Moral Values Festival? Nope, that one too--The Brick comes up with all the good names.

Tiny Theater it is.

This Thurs--Sat at the Ontological and Fri--Sat at The Brick.

Check out all the details on The Brick's website or the Ontological's.

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